PDR Is A “Green” Product

PDR Is A “Green” Product

Paintless Dent Repair is a “green” repair

PDR paintless dent removal is as “green” a repair as there is in the automobile industry. We at Dent Werks PDR specialize in repairing dents, dings, hail damage and larger ‘body shop’ type repairs using the clean green process known as paintless dent repair. Dent Werks PDR uses metal rods to get behind your dent to push the metal out and massage the dent to return the panel to its original shape. Paintless Dent Removal at Dent Werks PDR does not use any fillers, bondo, sanding or other type of body shop repairs found in your typical body shop. Dent Werks PDR’s shop is clean and dust free and the best part is your dent is repaired without damaging the original factory paint.

In these days we need to be concerned about climate change and what we can do to preserve our environment. Not only for us, but for our kids – kids and so on. Children are our future and we should do what we can to help preserve the environment for the generations that follow us. With Paintless Dent Removal at DentWerks PDR we are an environmentally safe company. Unlike the Auto Body Shop, we use a variety of steel rods, heat gun, and battery powered lighting. In comparison, a body shop may be using a variety of chemicals, bondo or sand-able body filler leaving particles floating away in the air. Painting leaves fumes to excape and not to mention the excess paint and chemicals that needed to be disposed of after the job is complete. DentWerks PDR will get your car in, repair the dent and in most cases, the job is complete in an hour. A door ding could take possibly an hour and a large dent could take possibly a full day. Dent Werks PDR saves you the head ache of giving up your car for days, saves you from needing to rent a car, and most importantly no extra fees like chemical or disposal fees. Give us a shot at DentWerks PDR, you won’t be disappointed.



    1 Inch Dent

    $85 - $100

    Per Dent

    1.5 - 2 Inch Dent

    $100 - $125

    Per Dent

    2 - 2.5 Inch Dent

    $125 - $150

    Per Dent

    2.5 - 3 Inch Dent

    $150 - $200

    Per Dent
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