Hail Damage Dent Repair Minnesota

Hail Damage Dent Repair Minnesota

Best Car Hail Damage Dent Removal Minneapolis MN

Hail is the single most hated kind of weather from coast to coast. Sure, there are hurricanes and tornadoes, but you know when they’re coming and you can get your car inside a garage. Hail is the only kind of weather that can do thousands of dollars in damage with a light “sprinkle” of golf-ball sized little chunks if ice. Hail is like the sky opening up just to drop a bag of sharp marbles. And here in Minnesota where hail is unreasonably common, there is nothing worse in the world than walking outside after a day at work or sleeping in on a Saturday to find your beautiful car covered in ugly pock-marks.

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The Plight of Minnesota Hail on Your Pristine Vehicle

You’re not alone. Here at DentWerks, we shake our fists at the sky right along with you. And then we get to work coaxing those dents right back out. How, you ask? A little technique known as paintless dent removal, or PDR for short.

Paintless dent removal is an art it takes years to learn involving easing the dents back into shape without damaging the paint. It is the “martial art” we took up to fight back against hail. And we can save your car, too if you bring it in to our Plymouth, Minnesota workshop. We will get those horrible hail dents right out of your favorite ride without damaging the paint. Because we know exactly how you feel.

Fight Back Against Auto Hail Damage

PDR is an incredibly important technique when it comes to keep your car in pristine condition without a ton of unsightly dents or cracked paint. Especially here in Minnesota. Minnesota is known for the kind of intermittent nasty weather that brings hail even when the weather is predicted to be nice and clear. Hail can fall out of “snow” cloud or a sunny sky, sometimes with little to no warning.

As we mentioned before, at least with other forms of bad weather you know when it’s time to bring your vehicle inside. You know when to pay for a parking garage spot at work instead of parking in the open lot. You know when to clear the bicycles and boxes to one side of your garage to make room for the car. But with hail? There’s just no telling.

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Paintless Dent Repair For Car Hail Damage

Fortunately, there’s an answer. It’s not an easy task, but it’s one we do with pride. PDR is the method by which you can ease dents back into shape by warming and working with them. Including softening and coaxing the paint to remain solid as the metal changes shape underneath. But just like the paint didn’t chip (we hope) when the hailstone hit, we can get it to stay intact when we pull the ends out of your car’s body.

That is what makes the technique “paintless”. We know, the name sounds a little scary. But actually, it means that we DON’T strip the paint off and then apply new paint, leaving an apparent patch. Instead, the paintless method prevents the need for new paint because the existing paint is restored to its original position and integrity. In fact, your topcoat will still be pristine if it was already, because we’re coaxing everything back into place rather than changing the paint in any way.

Fix Hail Damage ASAP with Hail Damage Repair in Plymouth, MN

This is your best possible answer to fight back against the hail. You don’t have to put up with a pock-marked car or risk damaging your paint to fix the dents. Our advanced PDR methods can help get your ride back to the pristine paint-perfect shape it came off the dealership lot with. It doesn’t matter if hail comes unexpectedly and peppers your beautiful ride with dents. It doesn’t matter how often hail assaults your vehicle. We’ll get those dents out and leave your paint intact. It’s what we do best. Find us in Plymouth Minnesota, contact us online to schedule your work, or call 612-599-7719.



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